Ponsonby Kitchen – Houses March 2016

Kitchens in open-plan living spaces look great in magazines. The cleaner’s been, the stylists have done their stuff, and the photographer’s picked a perfect day for the shoot. But how does it look on a rainy night in July? – Well, this one looks pretty good.

The key, according to architect Darren Jessop, is that ‘all the things you don’t want to see, or need to see’ sit behind a wall of floor-to-ceiling joinery that has been designed to look like a large piece of furniture. The pulls for the drawers and cupboards have been milled into the doors, adding to the furniture look and giving a Scandinavian feel to the space.

“All the operational stuff sits on the island,” says Jessop. “Normally, I wouldn’t put a hob on the island, but the clients wanted it there. To deal with the cooking odours, we installed a pop-up down-draught extractor into the island, and that works really well.”

The extra-deep island (1400mm) accommodates a large sink as well as the hob. It’s also double-sided, in that there’s a pull-out drinks fridge on the lounge side, so you don’t need to go into the kitchen for a top-up. There’s ample seating for four at one end as well, making it a very social space to hang out.

A sleek LED strip light over the island adds an elegant finishing touch to this kitchen. It’s practical too, as it has two modes – full-on task lighting when needed, or a softer mood light that automatically comes on as you enter the room.

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