A Spacial Aesthetic

For nearly two decades, the team at Jessop Architects has been making news with their innovative designs and cutting-edge use of materials, as well as winning multiple awards for their new homes and transformational renovations.

Jessop Architects is one of New Zealand’s leading multi- disciplinary architectural rms. We work across myriad architectural styles – from contemporary family homes and traditional renovations with a modern twist, to spectacular holiday homes, innovative interior design, commercial buildings and landscape design.

Our work can be found throughout New Zealand, as holiday homes in popular coastal regions, such as the Coromandel, or as residential homes and commercial developments in the greater Auckland region.

Whether you are considering a new build or contemplating a renovation, we o er a fully project-managed service, from initial consulting and design concepts, processing and gaining resource consents in sensitive heritage areas, all the way through to construction tendering, with site visits during construction, if required.

We are committed to excellence in everything we do. We believe it’s important for the design process to be a collaboration between us and our clients, to achieve the very best possible outcome for the brief.

Contemporary Family Homes

Contemporary architecture is inspirational, visionary and sometimes risky. Jessop Architects pushes the boundaries of new materials and technology to create innovative homes that are energy efficient, eco-friendly and, above all, beautiful and easy to live in. We are recognised for the clean functionality of our architectural style, delivered with distinctive Pacific Rim flavour.

Traditional Renovations

The key to successful traditional residential architecture
is to maintain the historic relevance and presence of an existing home, whilst adapting it to the current lifestyle and needs of modern family living. Jessop Architects have vast experience in identifying and preserving the heritage of villas and bungalows, then seamlessly merging this sense of history with contemporary design and new living spaces, to create family homes that will stand for another century.

Spectacular Holiday Homes

The routine of our daily lives changes when we are on holiday – that’s the whole point of going away. We relax and unwind. Holiday homes need to reflect and facilitate this change, delivering spaces that respect the various ways in which we engage or retreat when we’re on vacation. Primarily, it is about addressing the environment – the accessibility to it and visibility of it – in a way that best suits family and lifestyle. This is a skill that Jessop Architects is well versed in and manages with absolute ease.

Innovative Interior Design

Interior architecture is the practice of creating functional spaces that identify with a building’s external materials and features, and at the same time give a sense of purpose, to effect the way the space is inhabited and used. At Jessop Architects, we take this physical dynamic and marry it with classic colour palettes and complementary materials and nishes, using visual tools such as mood boards and computer renderings, to enhance and define the lifestyle of our clients.

Led by Architect Darren Jessop, Jessop Architects’ small, tightly knit team places its greatest emphasis on quality project management, hands-on involvement, and personal client contact to ensure successful completion of each project undertaken.

Photography Jamie Cobel

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