Jessop Architects are an award winning design practice

We are one of New Zealand’s leading multi-disciplinary architectural firms, working across a myriad of architectural styles from contemporary architecture, traditional architecture, holiday homes, interior architectural design, commercial architecture to landscape architecture.

Based in Auckland, our work can be found throughout New Zealand, as holiday homes in popular coastal regions or as commercial developments and residential homes in the greater Auckland region.

Whether you are considering a new build or contemplating a renovation, we offer a fully project managed service from initial consulting and design concepts, all the way through to construction tendering with site visits during construction, if required.

We are committed to excellence in everything we do. We believe it’s important for the design process to be a collaboration with you to achieve the best possible outcome for the brief.


Contemporary Architecture

Contemporary architecture is inspirational, visionary and sometimes risky. Jessop Architects pushes the boundaries of new materials and technology to create innovative homes that are energy efficient, eco-friendly, and beautiful. The style can be considered modern Pacific Rim with a focus on free flowing form and classic lines to create timeless structures.


Traditional Architecture

Traditional architecture seeks to maintain the historic relevance and presence of a community’s tradition while adapting it to the current lifestyle and needs of a modern society. Jessop Architects have vast experience preserving the heritage of villas and bungalows, seamlessly merging it with contemporary design of new living spaces to create family homes that will stand for another century.


Holiday Homes

The routine of our daily lives changes when we are on holiday. Holiday homes need to reflect this change, and deliver spaces that respect the various ways in which we engage or retreat. Primarily, it is about the environment and accessibility and visibility of it in a way that best suits the inhabitants and the natural surroundings. It is a feat that Jessop Architects manages with absolute ease.


Interior Architectural Design

Interior architecture is the practice of creating spaces that sympathise with the buildings external materials and features, and bring them into the interior space to give it a sense of the purpose, to effect the way the space is inhabited and used. At Jessop Architects, we take this physical dynamic and marry it with colour palettes and complementary building materials, which helps define the lifestyle of its owners.


Commercial Architecture

Commercial architecture is an accomplished discipline of creating a spatial aesthetic with practical functionality, while also addressing the type of occupancy and the permitted use according to any zoning regulations. Jessop Architects brings this philosophy to all commercial architecture; retail spaces, office blocks, hospitality, multi-level developments.



Darren Jessop
Director – NZIA Registered Architect

Director and principal architect at Jessop Architects, contact Darren to discuss your new build, renovation or interiors project.

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Karl Newby

Karl has been with Jessop Architects since 2013. He’s also a part time lecturer at the Unitec Institute of Technology.

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Vance Bentley
NZIA Registered Architect

Vance joined the team in 2012 and works across all of the architectural styles represented by Jessop Architects.

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Leigh Van Duyn
Architectural Graduate

Leigh joined Jessop Architects after graduating from Auckland University in 2012 and works across all of the architectural styles.

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Max Zhou
Interior designer

Max works closely with all of the architects to deliver interiors that reflect the style and direction of a project.

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Simi Tajrishi
Architectural Graduate

Simi works as an Architectural Graduate in Jessop Architects since 2015. She is involved in all stages of Architectural projects.

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Deyandra Jenkins

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Maureen Pryor

The inhouse accountant for Jessop Architects, Maureen is the best person to call with any accounts enquiries.

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Ken Nguyen
3D Renderer

Ken produces high end 3D renderings for Jessop Architects to portrait concepts for projects that require them.